Sworn in (usa) + more, 8200 Gleisdorf (Stmk.), 20.05.2014, 20:30 Uhr
8200 Gleisdorf (Stmk.),
Weizerstraße 19
20.05.2014, 20:30 Uhr
<p>Taking a page from the tape-trading days of the past, Chicago metallic hardcore savants Sworn In took the DIY route when it came time to spread their gospel. Instead of trying to score a deal with a record label from the beginning, like so many other young bands do, Sworn In let their music do the early grassroots work.</p> <p>'When we started this band a couple of years ago, our plan was just to post all of our music online, for free, till we released our first album," Sworn In vocalist Tyler Dennen explains. '99% of the hype on this band has come via social networking. We have toured nonstop and any time we meet one of our fans, they tell us they first learned about us through Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or another social networking site."</p> <p>The word of mouth on Sworn In was so strong that the folks at Razor & Tie knew they had to join forces with the Chicago combo. They signed them in the winter of 2013. Featuring a crushing mix by Brian Hood (A Plea for Purging, The Crimson Armada), The Death Card - Sworn In's new debut album - follows up the band's previously released two EPs - Catharsis and Start/End.
</p> <p>The Death Card was already finished by the time Sworn In - which besides Dennen also features drummer Chris George, guitarists Zakary Gibson and Eugene Kamlyuk and bassist Sean Banks
- signed on with the white hot label. 'We already had enough money from touring and selling our merch to pay for everything on our own, so we headed to Nashville and recorded the album with Brian. Our guitar player, Zak, suggested working with Brian since he was a big fan of his work with the band Gideon. We're all glad we did," says a rightfully proud Dennen.</p> <p>A relentless attack to the senses, The Death Card is not only stacked to the rafters with one ferocious guitar riff after the other, it's also a concept album with lyrics weaving a nightmarish tale throughout the 13 tracks.</p> <p>Dennen's striking lyrics manage to cut through the group's sonic assault on
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