Sara Jackson Holman, 8020 Graz  4. (Stmk.), 21.03.2014, 19:00 Uhr
8020 Graz 4. (Stmk.),
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21.03.2014, 19:00 Uhr
<p>It is literally from out of the blue that pianist/singer-songwriter Sara Jackson-Holman was launched onto the national music scene. For the then 20 year-old Whitworth University piano and writing student from Bend, Oregon, nothing could have prepared her for the trajectory her life was about to take; propelling her from student life, to recording her first CD, to hearing her debut single 'Into the Blue" (from her debut album When You Dream) close out the ABC hit show Castle in the emotional Season 2 finale, all in a matter of months. Recently, her songs have been placed in MTV's Chelsea Settles and CW's Ringer, Her debut; garnered rave reviews and comparisons to chanteuses Adele, Amy Winehouse and Feist.

Her journey into the world of recording began with a simple fan post Jackson-Holman left for Portland, Oregon based Indie-pop band Blind Pilot after one of their concerts. Anthony McNamer, president of Blind Pilot's record label, Expunged, doesn't know exactly what compelled him to click on the MySpace page where Jackson-Holman had posted some of her music - but after hearing her voice, they began a series of conversations that ultimately led McNamer to sign her to his label, despite the fact that she didn't even have a formal demo.

While Jackson-Holman may have been new to the music industry when she met McNamer in 2010, she was a lifetime student of piano and a veteran classical performer; having fallen in love with the instrument at exactly the moment her seven-year-old fingers touched the keys of her family's tired and old spinet piano.

She came to songwriting at the urging of her mother in 2008, and despite being just out of her teens, Jackson-Holman's material on When You Dream is timeless and relevant with classic themes that contemplate everything from love and longing, forgetting and remembering, the sky and trees, and dreams to the sea. Her classical training and love of Chopin, Schumann and Bach is where this artist gets her affinity to minor,
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