Rise of the Northstar + Pathways, 8200 Gleisdorf (Stmk.), 23.04.2014, 20:30 Uhr
8200 Gleisdorf (Stmk.),
Weizerstraße 19
23.04.2014, 20:30 Uhr
<p> '90's New York Hardcore meets Japanese Culture meets contemporary metal."</p> <p>This is the sound of ROTNS: Crushing thrash riffing leading to pure hardcore breakdowns, blended with Manga fuelled lyrics and a Japanese Furyo imagery.</p> <p>The band's top priority: To break in Japan. This goal was born out of love and respect for Japanese culture, and its influence over millions of youngsters around the world.</p> <p>2012 brought ROTNS to tour Japan for the first time. This visit was met with critical success, having played 10 club shows to a few thousand Japanese infuriated fans. Covered in gifts, the band set up home after the tour with suitcases full of Japanese Manga goodies, offered by fans; a great testimony of the developing love for the band in this region.</p> <p>In the process, the band has also built a loyal following in the markets separating France from Japan including Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Russia, China and Taiwan.</p>
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