queer monday - Live: Mary Ocher (Berlin) + Mayr, 1200 Wien 20. (Wien), 12.05.2014, 20:00 Uhr
1200 Wien 20. (Wien),
Wallensteinplatz 8
12.05.2014, 20:00 Uhr
Avant-garde Indie-Pop singer/songwriter

Born in Moscow, raised in Tel Aviv, Mary is now a Berlin resident.

She is an icon for the capital's queer subculture and since the release of her second album she rarely goes off the media!
With her angel voice Mary merges poetic lyrics with Post Punk Glitch, Folk and Elektronika - you could locate her somewhere in between Velvet Underground and Brian Eno.

After the release of her war-themed concept album and a 7" on Haute Areal in 2011, Ocher started work on Eden, produced by Canadian rock & roll guru, King Khan (producer of the Black Lips among other acts). The album was released mid-June 2013 on Buback and Haute Areal, in parallel to her work with her new-tribalism band Your Government. From folkie siren rebel to futuristic torch diva, Mary Ocher also played a series of sold-out national theater shows with best-selling German author Sibylle Berg for her novel "Vielen Dank für das Leben".

Karen O von den Yeah Yeah Yeahs meint: "Mary Ocher gives me the chills, she frightens me with her feral soul. Her sound is of a true outsider artist, immaculately self possessed. Was this recorded this century? Or out of a basement that's she's been imprisoned all her life? Time to set her loose on the world. I'm so happy she exists. Set me free Mary!"

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Einlass 20 Uhr, Konzertbeginn 21 Uhr
VVK Jugendinfo Wien 5,- / AK 7,-

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