OAC, Vacunt, CBC, Spittah, 4020 Linz (OÖ), 31.05.2014, 21:00 Uhr
4020 Linz (OÖ),
Kirchengasse 4
31.05.2014, 21:00 Uhr
OAC (aut) -only attitude counts-

This band started out in 1993 with the intention to spread their music and message worldwide all over the planet. Through their hard working ethic and their never-ending determination O.A.C gained more and more respect and became an institution in the international Hardcore/Metal/Punkrock scene
genre : HC / PUNK

VACUNT (aut)


Unermüdliche Urgesteine der Linzer Punkszene
genre : HC / PUNK

CBC (ger) -Code Blue Coma-

The social entity guided by force, deprived of originality and freewill. Time is fleeting for those who wait. Enthusiasm is vitality. Code Blue Coma.
"Triumph Of Time/Corruption Of The Body" digitally released through Acuity Music in autumn 2013.
genre : HC / PUNK / METAL

SPiTTAH (aut)


Der neue Hardcore Export aus Linz gibt sich die Ehre
genre : HC / PUNK / METAL
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