Marcel Mohab internationale - Vitamin & Animal Funk, 1080 Wien  8. (Wien), 01.03.2014, 22:00 Uhr
1080 Wien 8. (Wien),
Lenaugasse 1a
01.03.2014, 22:00 Uhr
An exceptional double bill for one night only at Kabarett Niedermair on November 29th: After their respective phenomenal appearances in festivals across Europe, two hilarious shows will play one after the other, same theatre, same night: "ANIMAL FUNK" Marcel Mohab - "A fascinating and wacky performer who manages to provide a great hour of entertainment" - (Fringereview), will host Carlo Jacucci's "VITAMIN", a sell out show at Soho Theatre in London. Marcel Mohab's ANIMAL FUNK and Carlo Jacucci's VITAMIN In 55 minutes of surreal acts, bizarre caricatures, and unconventional accordion playing, Vitamin takes physical comedy, storytelling and clowning to a new place.He preaches from a book he never read, and becomes many things, from a captain to a priest, a dancer, a marathon runner, and a caterpillar. Devised in cabarets and variety shows across Europe, Vitamin features memorable antiheroes, eccentric characters and the unconventional use of live accordion.

"55 minutes of Inexplicably wonderful comic theatre" (Broadway Baby)

"A gloriously life affirming flow of silliness" (Edinburgh Reporter)
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