Luz, 4020 Linz (OÖ), 29.10.2014, 21:30 Uhr
4020 Linz (OÖ),
Kirchengasse 4
29.10.2014, 21:30 Uhr
Born as a trio in Rome in the fall of 2011, Luz began as a collaboration between Giacomo Ancillotto (guitar), Igor Legari (bass) and Federico Leo (drums). In December 2012 cellist Tomeka Reid, one of the most distinctive voices of today's avantgarde scene in Chicago (Anthony Braxton, Nicole Mitchell, Mike Reed), joins the band.
The mixture of cello, guitar, bass and drums creates a sound of great intensity and unpredictable direction, resulting in a hybrid and powerful music, indefinable and elusive as the soundtrack of an imaginary movie or the traditional music of an unknown land.

In less than two years, LUZ has already performed over 70 concerts in 7 different countries in Europe, both in clubs and festivals.
LUZ has been broadcasted by several radio stations in Italy and abroad. Polemonta, Luz's debut album, has been released in March 2014 by the italian label AUAND and was reissued after just one month.
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