Dynasty, 4020 Linz (OÖ), 19.12.2014, 22:00 Uhr
4020 Linz (OÖ),
Kirchengasse 4
19.12.2014, 22:00 Uhr
The world hasn't seen an emcee like Dynasty before. It's rare when an artist combines heartfelt storytelling, commanding stage presence, and a deep and palpable audience connection. The soul of Lauryn Hill, and the ruff neck swagger of MC Lyte, all appropriate descriptions for the femcee, D.Y.

Dynasty has been slowly making a name for herself, turning heads locally and all over the world thanks to a co-sign from DJ Premier who put her last single "Femcee" on his "On Tha Road Again" mixtape. The following year, he gave her the ultimate cosign by producing a song for her. "Epic Dynasty" was placed on his compilation album, Get Used to Us. The legendary DJ even appears alongside DY in the video for the song. Dynasty set off 2013 with a career high, releasing a song with one of her favorite artists world renowned Talib Kweli, Stay Shinin'. 2013 has also seen the release of her debut album "Dreampusher", as well as a follow-up of her second album "A Star In Life's Clothing".

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