Art UnAnchored Festival, 1020 Wien,Leopoldstadt (Wien), 04.10.2014, 14:00 Uhr
MS Stadt Wien
1020 Wien,Leopoldstadt (Wien),
Reichsbrücke Handelskai 265
04.10.2014, 14:00 Uhr
Beschreibung: One Ship, 75+ Artists - Music, Performances, Cinema, Lectures, Exhibition and a lot more!

From Tulln through Vienna on October 3rd to Bratislava on October 4th and back again on October 5th. Art-Un-Anchored has prepared the MS Stadt Wien for YOU! The MS Stadt Wien is a 75 year old steamboat, with a length of 77 and a width of 17 meters that can hold up to 500 people. Embrace the chance to go on a trip like this!
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